PATCH 05/07/2024

Patch Notes 14

Hello everyone,

Here are the latest changes and updates made to the game:

  • Created the "Box 175" and added it to the shop for 50k cash. The box allows you to instantly level up to 175 and includes a 175+15 set and weapon.
  • Added 10 items that can be dropped by monsters to help complete the affinity with Aarkh. Donating these items grants 250 points each.
  • Doubled the affinity points earned from mobs in Aarkh: previously mobs gave 50 points and bosses 500 points, now mobs give 100 points and bosses 1000 points.
  • Added a PvE damage reduction potion in the affinity merchant in Aarkh.
  • Increased the exp gained from monsters in Aarkh to facilitate the exp experience through seeds.
  • Reduced the number of "kobold worker claws" required in the "Tool Recovery" quest in Aarkh from 50 to 30.
  • Reduced the number of "swordsman's teeth" required in the "Continuous Reconstruction" quest in Aarkh from 60 to 40.
  • Added the "Capture the Flag" event, which will be manually activated.
  • Added two new C2 wings in the shape of a guitar.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game!

The LC Nox Team

PATCH 28/06/2024

Minor Update 13.3 Released

Unplanned small patch to fix game crash

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed trader Khalin: The first two items were bugged and have now been corrected.
  • Added a new area for the Capture the Flag event: Preparing for a future update.
  • Added NPCs in the Aarkh NPC Portal Scroll: You can now use this portal scroll to teleport to NPCs as well.
  • Fixed the EXP item: Previously it could be used on armors and weapons, now an error message appears in the chat.
  • Fixed text translation in some languages.
  • Fixed a crash related to the drop item feature: Resolved an issue where using items to drop on mobs below level 190 could cause a game crash.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game!

PATCH 24/06/2024

Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

Here are the latest changes and updates made to the game:

  • Fixed NPC Ragnar: In the new map, you can now receive buffs every hour instead of every 3 hours.
  • Added Aarkh NPC Portal Scroll: Now available at the NPC in Geres.
  • Fixed mage gloves icon.
  • Fixed drop: Added healer boots.
  • Fixed protection runes.
  • Increased success rates of Solar Runes.
  • Fixed an issue with celestial screen effects in the game.
  • Improved map attributes: Including city peacezone, mountain limits, and models, etc.
  • Fixed display of descriptions of new items in different places in the game.
  • Added teleporter to Juno in the Aarkh map.
  • Added Solar Rune to the catalog.
  • Added Rune of Protection to the catalog: Created a package that includes all 3 protections.
  • Added Drop Permit Charm to the catalog: Allows you to drop items even if you see blue mobs in the new map.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game!

The LC Nox Team

PATCH 23/06/2024

Patch 13 Update: Unveiling a New Era!

Greetings, adventurers! We are excited to announce the arrival of Patch 13, a major update packed with new features, enhancements, and fixes. Dive into the details below to explore what's new and improved.

A huge thank you to our amazing testers! Your hard work, sharp insights, and dedication have been crucial in making this update a success. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for helping us create a better game for everyone!

Key Features and Updates

New Maximum Level

  • The character level cap has been raised to 190.
  • New equipment for levels 186-190 has been added.

New Location

Explore the new area, "Aarkh".

Equipment Rank System

  • Introduced a new equipment ranking system with six ranks: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical.
  • Upgrade your current equipment to a higher rank without replacing it.
  • Equipments can now gain experience. Reach level 10 to upgrade from Common to Uncommon, level 20 to upgrade from Uncommon to Rare, and so on.

Note: Not all mobs provide equipment experience. Experience is divided among all equipped items that support it.

Note: This update includes ranks from Common to Rare only. The remaining ranks (Epic, Legendary, Mythical) will be introduced gradually as the server develops. New maps and content will be added to support these higher ranks.

Improver System

  • Upgrade equipment ranks using the "Ascendant's Tome" (different ranks for different upgrades).
  • NPCs for the Improver system and crafting the "Ascendant's Tome" can be found in the new location.

Hidden Attributes for High Ranks

  • Epic, Legendary, and Mythical equipment may have hidden attributes.
  • Visit a special NPC in the new location to reveal these attributes randomly.
  • You can also remove and try to reveal new attributes later (feature to be activated soon).

New Item: Solar Rune

Enhance new rank equipment with the "Solar Rune".

New Protection Runes

  • Protect equipment from breaking or downgrading during upgrades with new runes:
    • Common Rune: for equipment +5 to +10.
    • Uncommon Rune: for equipment +11 to +15.
    • Rare Rune: for equipment +16 to +20.


Guides for upgrading and enhancing equipment will be added soon.

Interface and Quality of Life Improvements

Character Selection and Authentication Location

  • The location for character selection and login has been changed.

Settings Interface Overhaul

  • The settings interface has been completely redesigned for easier and faster addition of new options.
  • New options include:
    • Block spam in chat.
    • Show max reform with three display options.
    • Visual Distance settings split into Terrain, Sky, and Models. Note: These settings are not final and will continue to be improved for optimal FPS.

Synchronization Improvements

  • Enhanced character movement synchronization to reduce issues where players appeared to teleport or move incorrectly during PvP.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a long-standing issue where players would jump excessively when encountering hills or stairs.
  • Resolved an issue where high-speed movement caused players to run in place with a shaky camera.
  • Details:

NPC and Quest Updates

NPC Enhancements

  • Improved NPCs selling buffs. The required character level for buffs is now displayed.
  • Added a new NPC with buffs for level 176+ in the new location.

Multi-Server Anti-Farming Protection

  • Improved multi-farming protection with synchronization across all game servers.

Item Information

  • Hidden some details in item descriptions to focus on important information. Hold ALT while hovering over an item to view all details.

New Title

  • Reach level 190 to earn the new title "190 Was So Hard," superior to the level 175 title.

New Affinity

  • Added a new affinity on the new map. Completing it grants access to a merchant with unique items, with more to be added in future patches.


  • Teleportation to the new map added to both the world map and NPC Eteal in Juno.

NPC Fixes

  • Fixed some NPCs in Juno that caused lag and stuttering.

New Quests

  • Added new quests in Aarkh, focusing on both mob kills and mission completions for experience and rewards.

PATCH 07/06/2024

Update 12.3 Released

We are releasing a small update to enhance your gaming experience. As you know from the previously shared screenshots, a new map is currently in development and it is almost complete. Additionally, new mechanics are being developed and will be released along with the new map. This is the final update before the release of the new map and the increased level cap.

Improvements and Changes

  • Added a ranking for the Battle Pass: Players can now see their position in the Battle Pass ranking, allowing for a more engaging and competitive experience. Prizes for the top positions in the ranking will be added later.
  • Timestamp visibility in chat messages: By hovering over messages in the chat, you can see the exact time the message was written, improving conversation management and player coordination.
  • Clock with seconds display: The clock located under the radar now shows not only hours and minutes but also seconds, providing a more precise time measurement useful for game strategies.
  • Removed some duplicate C2 items in the Cover Shop: We have eliminated duplicates of some C2 items in the Cover Shop to improve organization and item management.
  • Added the invisible C2 costume for all classes in the C2 Shop: An invisible C2 costume for all classes is now available in the C2 Shop, offering new customization options for players.
  • Increased the skill range from 12 to 20 for the skill Veteran's Composure for all classes: The range of the Veteran's Composure skill has been extended, providing greater flexibility and strategic opportunities for all classes.

These updates aim to improve the overall gaming experience by enhancing existing features and introducing new ones. We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we work to make the game better for everyone.

PATCH 31/05/2024

Update 12.2 Released

We are releasing a small update to enhance your gaming experience. As you know from the previously shared screenshots, a new map is currently in development and it is almost complete. Additionally, new mechanics are being developed and will be released along with the new map. Before the release of the new map, we plan to roll out a few more updates and fixes.

Improvements and changes

  • Fixed an issue with Battle Pass progress values showing negative numbers. Progress is now calculated correctly.
  • Translated the character transfer system into all languages.
  • Added an error message to the character transfer system to alert users when attempting to log in without entering a username and password.
  • We have resolved an issue where, upon defeating a boss, an NPC named "Tomb" would appear with a timer for the boss's respawn. This NPC is now called "Spawn" and the name of the boss will be displayed next to it. Additionally, we have improved the timer: it is now more precise and readable. Previously, it only displayed minutes and seconds; now it shows hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • Updated the PvP Match ranking rewards to make the prizes more attractive and rewarding.
  • Added a new game feature "Boss Information". Now you can view the main bosses in the game, their location, and identifier to see if they are alive and the time until the next respawn if the boss was killed. Additionally, the name of the player who killed the boss is displayed. The system shows bosses from all channels and allows filtering by channel and location.

PATCH 22/05/2024

Update 12 Announcement

Greetings Adventurers!

We are thrilled to present Patch 12, packed with exciting new features, improvements, and fixes to these updates, and we can't wait for you to dive in and explore what's new. Here's what you can expect:

New NPC in Juno for Character Transfers

We have added a new NPC in Juno that allows you to transfer a character from one account to another. This feature offers greater flexibility in managing your characters and makes the gaming experience even more customizable. Before the transfer, you must log in through the new transfer window, select the character from the current account, and then proceed with the transfer. Please note that there must be an available character slot in the target account. During the transfer, access to characters in the other account will be temporarily blocked. After the timer expires, the account will be unlocked for login.

New and more

  • New C2 Wings Available in the Cover Shop: We are excited to announce the addition of new C2 wings in the Cover Shop! Show off your unique style with these spectacular wings and enhance your character's appearance.
  • Code Refactoring for Effects: We have revamped the effect structure in the code, utilizing newer and safer C++ standards. This change has eliminated client crashes without errors, improved the reliability of effects, and resolved issues where effects would hang on characters outside the camera's focus. Additionally, a minor memory leak related to effects has been fixed.
  • Server Protection Against Multi-Farming: We have added server-side protection against multi-farming (when a player farms simultaneously with more than one game instance). This system will continue to be improved in the future.
  • Titan's Issue with Crean Fixed: We have fixed the issue where Titans were unable to reset points with Crean.
  • Premium Teleport Modification: We have implemented an important modification to the premium teleport system. Now, if you try to teleport someone in PvP mode, you will receive an error message in the chat informing you that the action cannot be completed.
  • Premium Section Access: You can now open the premium section even when your premium status is not active, allowing you to purchase premium directly from that section.
  • New Weekend Event: Get ready for an exciting new event happening this weekend! Participate in special activities, earn exclusive rewards, and have fun with our community. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Additional Notes

We are continually enhancing the game engine to support new features. World editors are being modified to allow the creation of simple AI scripts for mobs. These preliminary steps are being taken for the development of the unique dungeon system we announced three months ago, which is still under development.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication. We hope you enjoy these new updates and look forward to seeing you in-game!

Happy adventuring!

PATCH 10/05/2024

Update 11.3 Released!

Dear Players,

We're excited to bring you a series of enhancements and fixes in our latest update! This release focuses on improving the overall gameplay experience, addressing commonly reported bugs, and ensuring fair play across all levels. Read on for the detailed changes we've implemented.

Updates to the Castle Sieges in Dratan and Merac:

  • Fixed Respawn Issue: In past sieges, players could relog after dying, allowing them to skip the respawn timer. To address this, we have implemented a change: now, if a player dies during a siege, relogging will no longer skip the respawn timers. Players must wait for the countdown to be completed before they can respawn and return to the fight.
  • New Respawn Timer at Merac Siege: We have introduced a new 5-second respawn timer for the Siege of Merac. Historically, the Siege of Merac was designed without mechanisms like 100% skill cooldown reduction or buff locks, which influenced the decision not to include a respawn timer. However, given the evolution of gameplay and player capabilities, we are adding this timer to balance the dynamics of the siege. The respawn point's proximity to the stone (3 seconds away) prompted us to set this specific duration for defenders. We will closely monitor this change and make adjustments as necessary to maintain fair play and competitiveness.

Game Updates & Fixes:

  • Summoning Restriction: Players holding an artifact can no longer be summoned using the "Party Recall" item to ensure fair play.
  • Battle Pass Tasks: We've addressed issues with battle pass tasks, such as interactions with NPCs, to improve task completion.
  • Diamond Prizes Fix: Fixed an issue with receiving diamond prizes in the Battle Pass, ensuring rewards are correctly distributed.
  • Market Display Fix: Enhancements to the market interface now allow correct scrolling through market pages, improving user navigation.
  • Multi Buff System Enhancements: Added support for new items including Big Candle, Green Lucky Pouch, Hit Rate Potion, and Evasion Potion.
  • Character Balancing: Gunners now have access to certain pet-related actions previously available to other characters, balancing gameplay.
  • Resolved a random crash affecting some players when a pet was equipped.
  • Map Exploit Fix: Corrected an exploit in the "Lost Valley" map where players could hide with an artifact, making them untouchable by others. Should you discover any more hidden spots, please report them to us.

PvP Balance Adjustments

  • Highlander vs Royal Knight: Highlander damage reduced by 15%.
  • Highlander vs Archer: Highlander damage reduced by 5%.
  • Highlander vs Elementalist: Elementalist damage reduced by 3%.
  • Warmaster vs Specialist: Specialist damage reduced by 5%.
  • Warmaster vs Elementalist: Elementalist damage reduced by 12%.
  • Warmaster vs Royal Knight: Royal Knight damage reduced by 10%.
  • Warmaster vs Archer: Archer damage reduced by 10%.
  • Warmaster vs Cleric: Warmaster damage reduced by 12%.
  • Witch vs Cleric: Witch damage reduced by 3%.

PATCH 04/05/2024

Updates 11.2 - Fixes

General changes:

  • Fixed respawn points in the Merac Castle Siege. All buffs now function properly.
  • Fixed the functionality of some quests in the Battle Pass.

PvP Balance Adjustments

  • Ranger vs Specialist: Reduced Specialist damage by 11%.
  • Elementalist: Reduced Elementalist damage by 15%.
  • Highlander: Reduced Rangers damage by 1%.
  • Warmaster: Reduced Warmaster damage by 11%.
  • Royal Knight: Reduced Royal Knight damage by 13%.
  • Witch: Increased rangers damage by 5%.
  • Wizard: Increased Wizard damage by 6%.
  • Assassin: Reduced Assassin by 10%.
  • Archer: Reduced Archer 11%.
  • Night Shadow: Reduced Ranger damage by 5%
  • Assassin vs Specialist: Increase specialist by 7%.
  • Highlander: Reduced Highlander by 15%.
  • Warmaster: Reduced Assassin by 10%.
  • Royal Knight: Reduced Assassin by 10%.
  • Witch: Increase sin 5%.
  • Wizard: Increase sin 10%.
  • Archer: Reduced archer by 15%.
  • Night Shadow: Decrease sin 5%.

The update for Highlander will come later, today or tomorrow.

PATCH 01/05/2024

Updates 11.1 - Fixes

We are continuing our work on PvP balance. The changes you've seen so far are not final. We are listening to player feedback and gradually implementing modifications. Please note that not all characters have been balanced yet; other characters are still in the queue for adjustments. The next update will include further adjustments related to PvP balance.

General changes:

  • Minor market fixes; the market is now fully operational.
  • Added the German C2 costume to the cover shop.
  • Fixed a bug related to the AuraWings C2: erroneously, they could be inserted into the socket creation system, causing player disconnections. In reality, C2s should not permit the creation of sockets.

PATCH 29/04/2024

Game Update 11 - Part 2

Hello everyone!

We're excited to bring you the latest updates to enhance your gaming experience. Below you'll find the details of the new features and improvements we've rolled out. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to making the game even better together.

Here's what's new:

General Updates:

  • Market System Added: A new market for trading in-game currency and gold has been introduced. Currently, an account can have a maximum of two active slots for buying or selling in-game currency. Please note that there is a small transaction fee, which the system will display. A guide on how to use this will be provided later.
  • PvP Running Speed Fix: The running speed in PvP has been corrected. Now, players also have a speed limit while in defense mode.
  • Randol City Update in Juno: Minor changes have been made to the city of Randol in Juno.

PvP Balance Adjustments:

  • Night Shadow vs Elementalist: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 7%.
  • Night Shadow vs Highlander: Reduced Highlander damage by 11%.
  • Night Shadow vs Warmaster: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 5%.
  • Night Shadow vs Wizard: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 12%.
  • Night Shadow vs Witch: Reduced Witch damage by 10%.
  • Night Shadow vs Assassin: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 5%.
  • Night Shadow vs Ranger: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 12%.
  • Night Shadow vs Archer: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 3%.

PATCH 25/04/2024

Game Update 11 - Part One

Attention Gamers!

We are thrilled to announce our latest update, bringing exciting enhancements to our gaming ecosystem. However, we want to inform you that the Market system, which facilitates the buying and selling of cash, will be rolled out in the second part of the update as it is currently undergoing final testing.

We're committed to providing you with the best gaming experience, and our team is working tirelessly to ensure all features operate seamlessly. The first part of the update will introduce improvements and fixes, but the Market functionality will be temporarily disabled for transactions.

General Updates:

  • C2 Shield Options: Resolved an issue where the C2 shield was blocking option creation by Crean. Also corrected a related visual display error.
  • Death Motion Skill: Fixed a malfunction in the "Death Motion" skill which was disrupting opponent's abilities when the target was lost, hindering subsequent skill use.
  • Pet Icon Update: Updated the Frostfang and Bronzepelt Guardian pet icons to display the correct images.
  • Localization of Remove Buff: The "remove buff" system has been translated into all supported languages, enhancing global accessibility.
  • Movement Speed Limit: Set a maximum movement speed limit of 20 in war zones and PvP areas to ensure fair play.
  • PvP Match Stability: Addressed a bug that was causing crashes in Channel 2 during PvP matches.
  • Random Disconnects: Implemented a fix for the issue causing random disconnections for players.
  • Item Duration Display: Corrected an issue with items lasting twice as long as the timer indicated, and optimized the "Time left" display for accuracy.

PvP Balance Adjustments:

  • Witch vs Highlander: Reduced Witch damage by 5%.
  • Witch vs Warmaster: Reduced Witch damage by 15%.
  • Witch vs Ranger: Reduced Ranger damage by 5%.
  • Witch vs Assassin: Reduced Witch damage by 10%.
  • Witch vs Specialist: Reduced Specialist damage by 5%.
  • Witch vs Elementalist: Reduced Elementalist damage by 13%.
  • Witch vs Royal Knight: Reduced Royal Knight damage by 5%.
  • Witch vs Temple Knight: Reduced Witch damage by 15%.
  • Wizard vs Royal Knight: Reduced Royal Knight damage by 8%.
  • Wizard vs Highlander: Reduced both damages by 10%.
  • Wizard vs Specialist: Reduced Specialist damage by 15%.
  • Wizard vs Ranger: Increased Wizard damage by 3%.
  • Night Shadow vs Specialist: Reduced Night Shadow damage by 5%.
  • Highlander vs Cleric: Reduced Highlander damage by 5%.
  • Witch vs Cleric: Reduced Witch damage by 5%.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused and appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve your gaming experience.

PATCH 11/04/2024

Updates 10.1-10.2 - Important Fixes

Battle Pass Updates:

  • Resolved an issue causing a client crash related to the player elimination task in the Battle Pass.
  • Streamlined task update logic to ensure task uniformity across all channels.
  • Addressed the functionality of tasks involving the use of automatic items.
  • Added display of items in missions in the battle pass.

General Fixes:

  • Fixed a critical bug where the client would close unexpectedly on startup—players previously unable to launch the game are encouraged to try again.
  • Corrected the icon animations for automatic items.
  • In the 'Premium Purchase' section, we have updated the quantity of medium-grade medicines provided with the purchase of the one-day Premium option. Now, instead of receiving just one potion, five will be provided.
  • The logic for assigning rewards in the pvp rating has been fixed.
  • (10.1) Fixed a problem with quests disappearing after entering the game.
  • (10.1) Fixed random crash after update.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

PATCH 07/04/2024

LC Nox Update - Patch 10 Highlights

New Features

  • Battle Pass Added: Engage in over 200 tasks with 20 activities and 6 quests refreshing every 6 and 12 hours. Complete tasks in time to level up your Battle Pass and earn rewards. There are three tiers of rewards: Free, Premium (activatable in the Premium Shop if you have Premium), and Diamond (unlockable via purchase in the game shop).
  • Premium Character Window Upgrade: Extend your Premium directly within the window. Now supports purchasing Premium extensions, with initial support for Battle Pass Premium purchases.

Merac Conflict Overhaul


  • Easter event deactivated.
  • Removed the ability for Soul Witch and Wizard classes to increase casting speed through their skills.
  • Introduced a new passive skill for Mage to increase casting speed.
  • Gunners in guilds that own a castle siege can now receive a title.
  • Leaders of guilds controlling Dratan and Exoria, in addition to Merak, will now receive the 'Lord Item' as intended.
  • Merac Conflict Overhaul: We've revamped the Merac warzone, significantly expanding the battlegrounds to ensure smoother gameplay and enhance your visual experience, particularly around the critical stone area.


  • Resolved an issue preventing players from attacking each other if one is currently searching in PvP Match.
  • Fixed the display of player nicknames in the PvP statistics window to show current nicknames.
  • Corrected C2 Shop display issue, specifically the knight's C2 shield visibility.
  • Addressed a visual bug in the storekeeper that could disconnect players from the game server.

Store Updates

  • 'C2 Heavy Metal' and 'School' costumes are now available in the Cover Shop.
  • 'C2 Judgement Wings' added to the Cover Shop for purchase.
  • Memory scroll (30 days) and New Attack Pack added to the catalog shop.
  • Box PvP Changes: Now drops Green Lucky Pouch and Big Candle, enhancing rewards.

PATCH 27/03/2024

Patch 9.2

General Fixes:

  • Easter event added, now all mobs will drop eggs. You can find more info in the guide. Don't miss the opportunity to have an exceptional title. Be careful that in some maps you can find a boss.
  • Corrected the name of the item "Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 15" in French, which was previously incorrectly labeled.
  • Fixed an issue with pet mounts: attempting to equip them on maps where mounting is not allowed no longer prevents ability use afterward.
  • Entering the arena and attempting to mount a pet now triggers an error message in chat to prevent abuse of the return ability for avoiding death.
  • Added two new pet mounts available in the shop.
  • PvP ranking rewards will now be sent at 23:59 on Sunday instead of 20:00, with the rankings resetting at midnight.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Lord Item" for Gunners: previously, Gunners received a weapon intended for Rogues. Now, a new weapon has been created specifically for Gunners.
  • Added the "Lord Item" to the Exoria war rewards. Owners of Exoria can now also receive this weapon.
  • Fixed a technical issue that led to the accidental removal and deletion of pets from some players' inventories.
  • Fixed a crash that caused the everything log to fail.
  • Fixed the description of coins in dual class information.

PvP Balancing:

To smooth out PvP gameplay, we've adjusted damage for specific class matchups:

Damage Decreases:

  • Archer & Ranger damage decreased by 10%.
  • Witch & Archer damage decreased by 4%.
  • Highlander & Specialist damage decreased by 13%.
  • Night Shadow & Archer damage decreased by 10%.
  • Night Shadow & Warmaster damage decreased by 12%.
  • Night Shadow & Assassin damage decreased by 10%.
  • Highlander & Assassin damage decreased by 10%.
  • Specialist vs Highlander damage decreased by 2%.
  • Archer vs Wizard damage decreased by 3%.
  • Ranger vs Archer damage decreased by 3%.
  • Assassin vs Highlander damage decreased by 3%.
  • Assassin vs Warmaster damage decreased by 2%.
  • Assassin vs Night Shadow damage decreased by 2%.
  • Assassin vs Temple Knight damage decreased by 3%.
  • Night Shadow vs War Master damage decreased by 12%.
  • Highlander vs Elemental damage decreased by 15%.
  • Witch vs Archer damage decreased by 11%.

Damage Increases:

  • Temple Knight & Specialist damage increased by 6%.
  • Temple Knight vs Specialist damage increased by 3%.
  • Elemental vs Temple Knight damage increased by 3%.
  • Archer vs Temple Knight damage increased by 2%.

Additional Changes:

The above adjustments are designed to enhance PvP fairness and excitement, ensuring a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.

PATCH 15/03/2024

Patch Update Highlights - Minor Update 9.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue preventing the reuse of the P1 skill without logging out now resolved. Enjoy seamless gameplay!
  • Corrected: The overlap between Noblesse MP Boost Potion and Noblesse HP & MP Boost Potion (3-hour & 1-day durations) fixed. Stack your buffs without worries.
  • Adjusted: Trading restrictions on Personalized Title Creation and Personalized C2 Creation items lifted. Merchant mode just got more interesting!

New Additions & Updates:

  • New Development: A hammer crafted specifically for the Gunner class. Delve into material production like never before.
  • Merchant Geres' Update: The Gunner's exclusive hammer is now proudly presented in Merchant Geres' offerings. Expand your crafting repertoire.

Shop and Economy Adjustments:

  • Price Revision: The Pet P1 Experience Potion 8H is now more affordable. Enhance your pet's journey without breaking the bank.
  • Introducing Supreme Pet XP Potion (8H): Grants an impressive +500% XP for P1 pets. Power up your companions for 8 full hours.
  • Introducing Ultimate Pet XP Potion (8H): Elevates your P1 pets with a staggering +600% XP. Make every battle count for the next 8 hours.

Spotlight on Adventurer's Gear:

  • New! Expert Hunter Scroll: Achieve mastery with a 40% XP increase from your rune during monster battles. Elevate your prowess for one hour.

Enjoy the enhancements and gear up for adventure!

PATCH 09/03/2024

Patch 8 Update Alert!

We're here with another exciting Patch 8 update, packed with brand-new additions and crucial fixes to make your gaming experience even better. Check out what we've improved and introduced:

What's New:

  • Diamond Storage: Securely store your precious diamonds with our new storage feature.
  • Affinity Merchant Adjustments: Balanced the economy with adjusted prices in Lost Valley's Affinity Shop.
  • New Weapon for Gunner: Craft materials with style using the newly introduced Knife, available at Merchant Geres in Juno.
  • No-Wait NPC Buffs: Meet Luxar, the new NPC in central Juno, offering a fresh buff system for on-the-spot power-ups without the wait for a GM.
  • Teleport Update: Navigate easier with the new teleport location for Lost Valley, now on the world map.
  • New PvE Title Available: Claim the title of Lost Valley in the Affinity Shop, yours for 250k diamonds.
  • PvP Shop Additions: Enhance your PvP arsenal with Green Pouches, Evasion Potions, and Hit Rate Potions, all purchasable with PvP points.

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Combat Mechanics Display: Resolved the bug preventing correct display of maximum reform stats for attack/defense.
  • Warehouse Error Messaging: Fixed the error message display when depositing character-bound items.
  • Map Interaction Bug: No more glitches when switching from the Vanara map to the world map.
  • NPC Descriptions Enhanced: Dive deeper into the lore with descriptive labels under NPC names. Now you can see what each NPC offers at a glance, like Luxar's label "Sells Personal Buffs". Currently available for Luxar in Juno, with more to come for easier navigation and richer lore immersion!
  • PvE Title Restriction Lifted: Enjoy more freedom with non-character-bound items from the Lost Valley Affinity Shop, excluding the title.
  • Mob Level Adjustment: Lowered the mob level in Lost Valley to 180 for a balanced challenge.
  • Pet Skill UI Fix: Addressed an issue with the Pet Skill UI where skills appeared to reset visually, requiring skills to be relearned. Now, pet skills display correctly, ensuring a smoother pet management experience.

Gear up and dive back into the action! Thank you for your dedication to our world. Let's keep the adventure going strong!

PATCH 03/03/2024

Patch 7 - Update Part 2

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed Crashes: Addressed several crashes that would close the game without any warning.
  • Advanced Statistic Display System: Added a system that allows viewing the maximum re-form value for attack and defense. You can enable or disable it from the system menu.
  • Readability Improvements: Changed the color of the names of armors and weapons to make them more readable.

New Content

  • New Map - Lost Valley: Added a new map called Lost Valley.
  • New Affinity in Lost Valley: Added a new Affinity in the Lost Valley map which, once unlocked, will provide excellent items.
  • Items Protecting Pets in PvP: Three new items have been added to the game's shop that provide special protection for pets during PvP combat. These items prevent pets from dying when they take damage, enhancing their survival in battle. Additionally, a timer can be viewed in the pet's UI indicating the duration of the protection.
  • Minimap in the Temple of Vanara Dungeon: A minimap has been introduced in the "Temple of Vanara" dungeon. This feature, in combination with the compass, allows players to more easily locate people who possess the artifact within the dungeon.

Class Damage Balancing

  • Reduced War Master vs Witch damage by 5%.
  • Reduced Wizard vs Royal Knight (RK) damage by 10%.
  • Reduced Royal Knight (RK) vs Wizard damage by 15%.
  • Reduced Witch vs Royal Knight (RK) damage by 5%.
  • Increased Royal Knight (RK) vs Witch damage by 10%.
  • Royal Knight (RK) vs Elementalist reduced by 8%.
  • Royal Knight (RK) vs Specialist reduced by 5%.
  • Increased Wizard vs War Master damage by 10%.

PATCH 01/03/2024

Patch 7 - Update Part 1

We're excited to introduce a significant update that brings an array of enhancements, bug fixes, and class rebalances to improve your gaming experience. This update, while not the largest, sets the stage for more extensive updates in the future. Let's delve into what this patch has to offer!

New Features

  • Customizable Control Keys & Quick Access: Elevate your gameplay with enhanced control over your actions! We've introduced a dynamic way to modify keybindings, allowing for quick access to game functions, skill execution, and interface navigation. Dive into creating multiple keybinding profiles tailored to your playstyle for an unparalleled gaming experience. To access and customize your controls, simply navigate to the "System Menu" and click on the "Keyboard Setup" button.
  • Control Keys Setup Image
  • Artifact Dropping in Vanara: Unleash strategic gameplay with the new ability to drop artifacts in Vanara.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Server Stability Improvements: We've worked on enhancing server stability. If you encounter a message stating a player is already in-game, the system will now disconnect the character from the server more efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your gameplay.
  • Graphical Interface Translations Enhanced: We've broadened the linguistic horizons of our game! Additional interface translations have been implemented, making parts of the game previously available only in English now accessible in all supported languages. Moreover, we've refined translations across various sections for clarity and better understanding. @everyone

Class Balancing

  • Gunner:
    • "Rapid Flow" skill bonus increased from 5% to 15%.
    • Damage output to all classes increased by 20%.
  • Royal Knight (RK):
    • Damage output to all classes reduced by 10%.
    • Additional 5% damage reduction to the "Assassin" class.
    • Additional 20% damage reduction to the "War Master" class.
  • War Master:
    • Damage output to all classes increased by 5%, excluding the "Royal Knight (RK)" class.
  • Night Shadow (NS):
    • Damage output to the "Gunner" class reduced by 10%.
  • Archer:
    • Damage output to the "Gunner" class reduced by 10%.
  • Ranger:
    • Damage output to all classes increased by 8%.

Anticipate more enhancements and class adjustments in the upcoming Update Part 2, informed by your invaluable feedback. Your unwavering support fuels our drive to perfect the Nox universe. Stay tuned!

PATCH 24/02/2024

Patch 6 Update Highlights

New Features & Enhancements:

  • Language Support: Russian language has been integrated into the client. Note: Russian texts in chat may not display correctly for users on different language settings. (this will be fixed in future updates)
  • Buff System Revamp: Distinguished PvE and PvP buffs are now visible, showcasing specific stats for magical, physical, and deadly attacks. Initially applied to the blue and orange cube. We're excited to announce a comprehensive overhaul of our buff and skill systems. Our goal is to refine the balance and functionality of skills specifically for PvP and PvE environments, allowing for more precise control over damage output and skill traits. This update marks the beginning of an ongoing effort to expand and improve our skill system, laying the groundwork for future updates that will further differentiate skills by play mode.
  • Gunner Updates:
    • Added a passive skill increasing skill speed by 5%.
    • Removed cooldown for Meteor Shot skill, expanded its AoE range, and increased its damage.
  • Gameplay Adjustments:
    • Cube Mechanics: In PvP, the cube is not removed but is activated only in PvE scenarios. This change applies to all classes.
    • Pets can no longer be mounted in Vanara to avoid bugs.
    • Nerfed the Ring of Chaos 1 for balance.

Stability Improvements:

  • Efforts have been made to reduce the occurrence of memory out and bad allocation errors, aiming for a smoother gaming experience.

Looking Ahead:

We're hard at work on a major update for PvE mode. Stay tuned as we'll soon share some sneak peeks through screenshots and delve a bit into our ideas. Our commitment is to make your adventure even more exciting and rewarding. Keep an eye out for more updates!

PATCH 19/02/2024

Patch 5.1 Update

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the Gunner: it is now possible to obtain Valentine's Day chocolates as drops, available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • Corrected a screen resizing error: previously, changing settings through the options menu in the options section inadvertently changed the resolution.
  • Added new guides to the in-game wiki to assist players.
  • Extended the duration of the Valentine's Day event by an additional three days to allow players to enjoy the festivities longer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a graphical bug in the NPC Siege Management Soldier: once a guild was registered, it was not displayed correctly.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your support! Dive into these exciting new features and fixes for an improved gaming experience!

PATCH 17/02/2024

Patch 5 Update Highlights

New Features:

  • Enhanced screen resolution adjustment: Resize the game window by dragging edges or use the maximize button for full-screen experience.
  • Exclusive Gunner Backpack: Engage in a brand new quest in Vanara to secure a backpack tailored for the Gunner class.
  • New C2 Weapon for Gunners: Discover a 30-day C2 weapon in the C2 Shop, with seal-changing options available via Crean.
  • Enhanced Chocolates: Now accurately boosts magical and physical attack percentages.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Screen Resolution Flexibility: Adjust your game view seamlessly for an optimized gaming experience.
  • Item Number Input Fix: Commas in numbers are now correctly processed, simplifying item movements.

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Fixed Chocolate and Candy Buffs: Corrected issues preventing buffs from being applied to Gunners.
  • Removed "Abandon Dual Class" for Gunners from Crean: refining class-specific features.
  • XP Boost from P1: Enjoy increased experience gains for more rapid progression.
  • War Schedule Update: All wars are now uniformly scheduled at 19:00 for consistency.

Bug Fixes:

  • Exoria Siege Crash: Addressed and fixed to ensure smoother siege participation.
  • Box Opening for Gunners: Resolved issues with certain boxes that failed to open for Gunner class.
  • Platinum Blessed Iris Timer: Now accurately halts upon logging out, ensuring fair usage.
  • Mob Name Localization Fix: Corrected the display of mob names in various languages for clarity and immersion.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your support! Dive into these exciting new features and fixes for an improved gaming experience!

PATCH 14/02/2024

Patch 4 Detailed Update Overview

Exciting New Features and Events:

  • Valentine's Day Celebration: Immerse yourself in the enchanting "Valentine's Day" event. Let the arrows of love guide your adventures!
  • Language Flexibility: Seamlessly switch game languages without the hassle of restarting. Immediate changes for most, but allow a brief moment for complete updates.
  • Enhanced Client Stability: We've fine-tuned the game's engine to minimize unexpected crashes, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Upcoming Siege UI Overhaul: Anticipate a more intuitive and informative Siege Details interface in our future updates.

Significant Fixes and Improvements:

  • Divine Points Display Bug: Corrected an issue where divine points could erroneously display as zero.
  • C2 Shop Enhancements:
    • ScrollBar Fix: We've rectified the scroll bar functionality for a smoother navigation experience.
    • Purchase Expansion: Boost your shopping spree with the ability to purchase up to 7 items simultaneously, improved from 6.
  • Screen Resolution Adjustments: Experience a more fluid transition when altering screen resolutions.
  • Rune Exchange Stability: Exchanging Runes is now crash-free.
  • PBI Item Fix: Addressed and resolved functionality concerns with PBI items.
  • Dratan Visibility Issue: Enhanced player visibility in Dratan city.
  • Quest Display for Non-English Languages: We've fixed display issues in NPC quests for players using languages other than English (USA), aiming for a universally clear questing experience.
  • Accurate Quest Monster Counts: Adjusted quest descriptions to accurately reflect the exact number of monsters required, removing any confusion with large numbers.
  • "Starter Quest" Item Restriction: Security enhancement with character-bound restrictions for "Starter Quest" items.
  • Black Swamp Mob Drop Fix in Exoria: Resolved an issue where the Black Swamp mob in Exoria wasn't dropping items, ensuring quests can now be completed successfully.
  • Teleporter Aide in Tarian: Navigating Tarian has never been easier with the addition of the Teleporter Aide, enhancing your exploration experience.
  • Big Candle Returns: The Big Candle is back on sale! Visit the [Merchant] PvP near the PvP Arena in Juno to stock up on this essential item.

Exciting Additions for the Arsenal:

  • Gunner's New Wings: Unveil the majesty of two newly crafted wings for the Gunner, now gracing the Cover C2 system with their presence.

Thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and improve together!

PATCH 10/02/2024

Game Update: Patch 3 Unleashed!

Adventurers, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived! Our team has been tirelessly working to enhance your journey through our world, and we're thrilled to announce a slew of upgrades and fixes in Patch 3. Dive into the details below:

Bug Fixes & Optimizations:

  • NS's Weapon C2 Visuals: We've ironed out the kinks in the NS's weapon C2 rendering within the Cover Shop and Wiki, ensuring a seamless visual experience.
  • NightShadow Invisible Weapon: The ghostly issue of the NightShadow's invisible C2 weapon has been resolved. Your shadowy arsenal will now display correctly.
  • UI Clarity Post-Resolution Change: Changing your screen resolution no longer causes display issues in the C2 Shop/Wiki/Create title screens. Enjoy crisp, clear visuals regardless of your settings.
  • Gold Display for Specialization Changes: We've tweaked the UI to accurately show the gold needed for character specialization changes, making it easier to plan your character's growth.
  • Character Target HP Display: No more guessing games; the HP of your targets is now accurately displayed, enhancing your strategic decisions in combat.
  • Ebony Cave Optimization: Venture into the Ebony Cave with newfound smoothness; we've boosted FPS tenfold, offering a fluid exploration and combat experience.
  • Polish Language Tweaks: For our Polish-speaking players, we've refined some game strings, enhancing your immersion and understanding.
  • UI and Customization Enhancements: Minor UI improvements in Create Title and Custom C2 options make for a more intuitive and enjoyable customization process.

Exciting New Features & Enhancements:

  • Interactive Character Previews: In the Cover Shop, you can now rotate and zoom in on characters, giving you a detailed look at your avatars and their gear.
  • Witch's "Blind" Skill Cooldown: To balance gameplay, we've introduced a 3-second cooldown to the Witch's potent "Blind" skill. Plan your battles with this change in mind.
  • Gunner's Arsenal Expansion: Gunners, rejoice! Two new C2s await you in the C2 Shop, ready to enhance your firepower and style.
  • Enhanced PvE Damage: We've dialed up the damage for NightShadow and Gunner classes in PvE, ensuring your enemies feel the full force of your might.

And there's more! Dive into the game to discover these enhancements firsthand, and stay tuned for future updates as we continue to improve and expand our world.

Thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Happy adventuring!

Your dedicated Nox Team

PATCH 06/02/2024

Game Update Highlights

New Features & Enhancements:

  • New Screen Resolution: Added support for 3440x1440 resolution.
  • Poland Support (Beta): We're excited to extend our game to the Polish community!
  • Wiki Info Tooltip: Hover over any item in your inventory or chat, press CTRL + right click to open a detailed wiki page about the item.
  • New in Shop: HP, HR, and EVA titles are now available for purchase.
  • New Quest - "Outside of Juno": Obtain HP-HR-EVA titles from the cash NPC.
  • Item/Skill icons: Added the ability to see the cooldown time of a skill on the icon of an item or skill.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Character Display Fix: Resolved character display issues in the selection and creation menu for some screen resolutions.
  • Guild Management: Fixed a bug preventing players from being kicked from a guild.
  • Group Dynamics: Addressed issues with leaving groups.
  • Invisible Weapons Bug: Corrected visibility for level 173 weapons for RK and TK - "Sword of Forgotten Time" and "Dual Sword of Forgotten Time."
  • New Catalog Item: "Token Ring Box" is now available.
  • Quest Fix in Tarian: Resolved issues with the "Garbage Disposal" quest.
  • Weapon & Armor Quests: Relocated Gunner armor and weapons quests to NPC Commander Lente in Tarian.
  • Language System Corrections: Fixed several strings causing client crashes.
  • Addition to Ragnarok Weapon's Chest: "Sturdy Golden Baphon's Shield" has been added.
  • Ring of Chaos: Removed the stronger version to maintain game balance.
  • Character Creation Error: Fixed a bug related to selecting the Gunner's hairstyle.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continuous support!

PATCH 04/02/2024

In our ongoing efforts to enhance the gaming experience, we have implemented a series of updates and fixes across various aspects of the game. These changes are designed to improve gameplay, introduce new elements, and rectify issues that our community has encountered. Below is a detailed:

  • We've just rolled out an update that significantly improves our servers' stability, addressing an issue that occasionally caused server restarts.
  • Fixed the descriptions in the "Newbie Theo's Tomb" and "Newbie Moondshine" quests.
  • Increased the maximum level to 175 in the "Newbie Moondshine" quest.
  • Fixed some descriptions in various languages that were causing crashes for players.
  • Added the two NPCs "Boarder Guard Jeff" and "Boarder Guard Mistik" that were missing in Exoria.
  • Fixed some issues with quests in Exoria.
  • Changed the level of Exoria monsters from 165 to 175.
  • Introduced a series of quests for obtaining level 165 armor and weapons for the Gunner in the Tarian map.
  • Adjusted Merchant Geres: it is now possible to purchase items without Reputation Points.
  • Removed the "Rune of Ragnarok".
  • Added 5 new runes to the Divine Shop.
  • Updated the "EXP Increase 100" item with the "EXP Increase 500" in the shop.
  • Until this moment, we had the pvp statistics server disabled, now it is enabled.

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